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How to teach kids about the water cycle diagram worksheets tips and printables
Unit Studies, Printables, Crafts

Teaching About the Water Cycle: A Free Water Cycle Diagram Worksheet

Teaching kids about the water cycle can be challenging due to its complex concepts and terminology. This guide provides strategies for explaining the water cycle to young learners, with visual aids, hands-on activities, and a free water cycle diagram worksheet to make learning engaging and effective. Suitable for 2nd to 8th graders, the Water Cycle Unit Study simplifies this essential science topic.

heritage humanities review - online classical literature for kids
Language Arts

Classical Literature in the Digital Age| Heritage Humanities for Homeschoolers

Inside: Heritage Humanities transforms the rich, complex world of classical literature into something accessible and engaging for today’s digital natives. Diving into classical texts of English literature can often feel like navigating a labyrinth, especially for young learners. Marc’s recent…

Earth Day Reading Comprehension Worksheets
Unit Studies, Printables, Crafts

Earth Day Reading Comprehension Worksheets for Curious Minds: Nurture Environmental Literacy

Looking to bring more environmental consciousness in your homeschool? Find practical tips on learning about Earth Day hands-on and interdisciplinary and lots of resources like the Earth Day Reading Comprehension Worksheets to enrich the experience. There are so many ways to inspire the next generation of eco-conscious citizens! Keep reading to find them all.

The ultimate guide to teen entrepreneurship- Teen's Guide to making and selling upcycled arts and crafts book review
Electives and More

Cultivating Entrepreneurship for Teens: A Guide to Upcycled Crafts Business Success

Inside: Teen’s Guide to Making and Selling Upcycled Arts and Crafts emerges as a must-read for fostering entrepreneurship for teens. It demystifies the journey of business by combining real-world wisdom with actionable steps. Perfect for any teen with a business…

Is Mr d math worth it- review- algebra 2
Curriculum Reviews | Math

Is Mr. D Math Worth It? A Comprehensive Three-Year Review

Join us as we review our 3 years with Mr. D Math. What began as a simple search for a good math curriculum ended up offering us so much more. Here, you’ll find a heartfelt account of how Mr. D Math not only elevated Marc’s math skills but also his self-confidence and passion for math. And we still find Mr D Math as the best math curriculum for homeschoolers. Find out why by reading more below.

Homeschool Planet review- the best online homeschool planner
Homeschooling Essentials

The Only Online Homeschool Planner You’ll Ever Need | A Homeschool Planet Review

Inside: There are many online homeschool planners to choose from but what’s possibly the best homeschool planner? I think it’s Homeschool Planet because of its features and automation as well as its ease-of-use. Let’s talk about something close to my…

A guide to homeschool preschool
Homeschooling Essentials

Starting Your Homeschool Preschool: A Child-Led Journey to Develop a Love for Learning

Inside: Ready to jump into homeschooling your preschooler with both feet? This guide’s packed with advice to make learning at home a long-term success for you and your preschooler. We’ll chat about why letting your kiddo lead the way with…

Thematic learning- spring and valentine's day unit study and spring activity for kids
Homeschooling Essentials | Language Arts

20+ Delightful Spring Activities for Kids and Valentine’s Day Unit Study Ideas❤️ | Thematic Learning

Inside: Looking for engaging Spring activities for kids and a Valentine’s Day Unit Study to sprinkle some fun and learning into your homeschool day? You’re in the right place. From engaging activity ideas to learning about myths and developing literacy…

socializing homeschoolers - myths and reality
Homeschooling Essentials

Stop Overemphasizing Socializing Homeschoolers | The Teen Edition

Inside: Tackling the hot topic of socializing homeschoolers, this article navigates the delicate balance between actively seeking social opportunities and honoring the unique individuality of each homeschooled child. “What about socialization?” This omnipresent, cringey socialization question is often the first…

Book reports templatr and master guide by monkeyandmom
Language Arts | Unit Studies, Printables, Crafts

How to Excel at Junior High Book Reports: Free Book Report Template Inside!

Inside: Thinking of ditching book reports in junior high? Hold that thought! Book reports teach vital skills to teens. Learn how to quickly organize and effectively create comprehensive book reports by using my free book report template, a sample of…

Forbrain Review for teach foreign language acquisition- monkeyandmom
Curriculum Reviews | Electives and More

Forbrain Review – How We Teach a Foreign Language with a Twist

Our personal journey with Forbrain reveals significant improvements in language acquisition, especially in teaching a foreign language at home. This review delves into how Forbrain enhances speech, attention, memory, and boosts confidence in language learning, alongside tips and insights for homeschooling families. Find out how Forbrain, combined with tools like Rosetta Stone, can revolutionize your approach to homeschool language education.

BookShark curriculum review level G
Curriculum Reviews | Language Arts | Social Studies

Why We Chose BookShark Curriculum Level G for 7th Grade History and Language Arts | Review

From the very first moment I opened our BookShark curriculum box over a year ago, I had a strong feeling that this was a homeschooling gem we’d treasure for years to come. And I wasn’t wrong. Because, honestly, what’s not…

Curriculum Reviews | Social Studies

One-of-a-Kind Unbiased High School History Curriculum | The Nomadic Professor Review

High school history curriculum. Are you considering any? Skipping history altogether? While it may be tempting to focus on more practical subjects, teaching high school history offers numerous benefits that extend far beyond this particular subject. While I am guilty…

Mastering Math the Singapore Way - singapore math dimensions- learning
Curriculum Reviews | Math

Unlocking the Secrets of Singapore Math: Beyond Rote Memorization (Singapore Math Dimensions)

Are you curious about finding a more effective way to teach math to your child? Are you on the lookout for a curriculum that goes beyond mere rote memorization and fosters a genuine understanding of mathematical concepts? Then keep reading….

IEW Structure and style for students monkeyandmom
Curriculum Reviews | Language Arts

What’s Inside IEW’s Structure and Style for Students? | Key Components (III)

We’ve already talked about IEW’s holistic approach to writing and seen how IEW teaches writing through the three programs it offers. Now let’s dive in and explore the components of Structure and Style for Students, a video-based writing program that…

All in one early learning platform for homeschoolers homeschool+ review monkeyandmom
Curriculum Reviews | Electives and More | Language Arts | Math

Early Learning Made Easy with Homeschool+ {Review} | Adaptive Learning Platform

I vividly remember Marc’s first steps into the world of learning- it wasn’t always easy, and I didn’t always know what I was doing along the way. Now, as a middle schooler, he’s tackling subjects and concepts that are far…

Study Skills Curriculum- 8 steps to powerful studying review by monkeyandmom
Curriculum Reviews | Electives and More

Revolutionize Your High Schooler’s Study Skills with “8 Steps to Powerful Studying” | Curriculum Review

We all want to set our high schoolers up for success, whether for college, a job, or being able to navigate life independently. But how do we ensure they have what it takes to be successful and organized? How do…

Top 5 Features all homeschool planners should have
Homeschooling Essentials

The 5 Key Features A Homeschool Planner Should Have To Make Your Life Easier | Focused Planners

As homeschool moms, we all know how important it is to stay on top of things, to be organized, and to balance the various aspects of our life. Homeschooling is an amazing journey but also a big responsibility that requires…

Thiel College- What are homeschool friendly colleges- monkeyandmom
Curriculum Reviews | Electives and More

Discover the Advantages of a Small College Education at Thiel College | A Homeschool Friendly College

Years seem to fly by so quickly! When we started homeschooling college was the last thought on my mind. College years seemed so far back then, but they are approaching fast now. There are so many variables to consider when…

Our Planning Secrets | Homeschool Student Planner & How We Plan Our Homeschool Year  (part 2)
Homeschooling Essentials

Our Planning Secrets | Homeschool Student Planner & How We Plan Our Homeschool Year (part 2)

Homeschool planning doesn’t have to be complicated or take a lot of time and I discovered that including kids in the planning process will make them more involved in their learning, giving them the opportunity to take learning into their…

Homeschool history curriculum choice for 6th grade- BooKshark History Level F Review
Curriculum Reviews | Social Studies

The Best Homeschool History Curriculum | BookShark Level F – Full Review (We ❤️ it!)

After 6 years of homeschooling, I can finally say I am head over heels in love with our curriculum choices, especially our homeschool history curriculum: Bookshark History Level F- Eastern Hemisphere. (Keep an eye out for the full reveal of…

Literature-Based History Curriculum – Level D Intro to American History from Sonlight
Curriculum Reviews | Language Arts | Social Studies

Literature-Based History Curriculum – Level D Intro to American History from Sonlight

When it comes to history, I didn’t want to fall into the single-point-of-view trap. That’s why I decided to switch our whole approach to a literature-based homeschool history curriculum. Reading different accounts of an event would create a broader picture…

The Best Grammar Curriculum for Homeschoolers | Fix it Grammar Review  {4th edition}
Curriculum Reviews | Language Arts

The Best Grammar Curriculum for Homeschoolers | Fix it Grammar Review {4th edition}

Updated: March 26, 2024 Inside: Fix It! Grammar is a one-of-a-kind grammar curriculum for homeschoolers because it transforms traditional grammar lessons into engaging, story-based adventures. Kids learn grammar and editing skills in context without even realizing they are actually learning…

10 ways of binding homeschool books at home monkeyandmom
Homeschooling Essentials

How to Bind Homeschool Books: 10 Affordable DIY Methods Every Parent Should Know

As a homeschooling parent, you’ve likely encountered the need to bind your children’s workbooks and books to keep everything organized and prevent papers from flying everywhere. Fortunately, there are several cost-effective DIY binding methods you can explore. In this article,…

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