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Self directed learning with Elephango | Review

Homeschooling has introduced us to some unexpected yet delightful surprises, and one of the best revelations has been experiencing the power of self-directed learning firsthand.

It’s truly inspiring to witness Marc delving into his own interests and taking his learning to new depths. We’ve been using BrainPop until recently, but Marc has outgrown them and we felt the need for something more in-depth.

This brings me to something I’m genuinely excited to share with you: our trusted companion for supplementary learning over the past couple of years—Elephango.

Stay with me as we unravel the distinctive features that make this supplemental learning platform stand out. Plus, there’s a fantastic surprise awaiting you at the end of this article.

This is a sponsored post. I was given the product to review and I might have been compensated for my time. I would never endorse or recommend programs we wouldn’t use ourselves. Read more about it in my Disclosure.

Elephango Review – a learning platform for everyone

Summary: From fostering curiosity to bridging gaps in your curriculum, Elephango has a lot to offer. This platform has a lot of features that enhance any learning experience, and it plays an important role in nurturing independent thinkers.

Whether you’re exploring new topics, reinforcing concepts, or embarking on project-based learning, Elephango provides a safe and engaging environment for students.

Dive into this article to uncover the valuable ways Elephango can enhance your homeschool journey.

Elephango Review self directed learning- everything you need to homeschool your way

Our rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Grades: k-12

Style: enrichment

Type: Secular

Price: $19.99/mo OR $16.67/mo billed annually

Formats: online


  • great for enrichment of any curriculum
  • great for project based learning
  • allows kids to safely search the internet
  • engaging lessons
  • incentives for kids
  • over 3000 lessons
  • audio support available
  • printable worksheets for offline studying
  • keeps kids attention


  • not a full curriculum
  • might be too expensive

What is self directed learning and why is it important?

Self directed learning means taking the reins of your own education, deciding what you want to learn, how you want to learn it, and when you want to dive in. In a nutshell, you’re the boss of your learning journey.

This type of learning is important and can be a very powerful tool when paired with structured learning because it fosters independence, critical thinking, and ultimately a love for learning and a thirst for knowledge.

I feel that this aspect of learning is highly underrated in school settings because the whole school system relies on telling kids exactly what they need to learn, when to learn it, for how long, and when to move on to the next topic. Kids will then just robot their way through learning because that’s all they’ve been taught.

Self directed learning, on the other hand, allows kids to set their own pace and develop skills that go beyond traditional education like self-motivation, adaptability, independence, learning how to learn, curiosity and passion, and many more.

self directed learning elephango

What is Elephango?

Elephango was introduced to us through our distance school, Bridgeway Academy. They are offering this platform for free with any accredited subscription and it’s been a really useful tool for us. We use it for a lot of things from answering questions to introducing concepts to simply revisiting information.

Elephango is an award-winning online educational platform that’s a bit different from the other similar supplemental learning platforms out there. They provide resources, lessons, and activities for homeschoolers, on a wide range of subjects and topics. But what makes them special is that they actually foster a personalized and self-directed learning experience.

This platform is built to complement any curriculum! They base their programs on well-researched approaches to learning and offer good quality resources for educators and kids from kindergarten all the way up to 12th grade.

Elephango Logo Horizontal 4C

“From the first lesson hook to the final Go!, students are challenged to think analytically, apply learning to life, and demonstrate understanding through projects that allow them to express who they are.”


Elephango review by monkeyandmom

Top 3 reasons why Elephango is great for self directed learning

What sets Elephango apart is its commitment to personalized learning that not only sparks curiosity, but also nurtures deeper understanding and confidence. So what exactly does Elephango have that other supplemental learning platforms don’t?

1. A platform for curious minds

I love that Elephango -much like the principle that drives our homeschool- believes learning should ignite curiosity. They are big proponents of self-directed learning. That’s why their lessons are meticulously crafted to speak directly to the student and encourage project-based learning.

What’s more, they deliver instruction in a variety of formats from interactive activities, to blended learning and project-based assignments. This approach encourages kids to get creative, stay curious, and make meaningful connections that would help them remember the information long-term.

2. Holistic learning

Another aspect that sets Elephango apart from other platforms is its neuroscience-based approach to learning. They combine kids’ curiosity with reward systems to keep them going deeper into their areas of interest.

self directed learning elephango review

The best way of learning is holistically by using a progression of cognitive skills and Elephango knows this, that’s why their lessons are organized according to Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning, which (very briefly) is this:

  • REMEMBER: recall what you know
  • UNDERSTAND: explain it in your words
  • APPLY: make connections and apply the information to new situations
  • ANALYZE: identify reasons, compare, find new patterns
  • EVALUATE: form opinions, demonstrate higher order thinking
  • CREATE: produce original work

Similarly, Elephango’s lessons follow a format that aligns with Bloom’s Taxonomy. The “Get it. Got it? Go!” is a method used by Elephango to structure their lessons and engage kids at various stages of their understanding.

3. Future learners

Elephango takes a bold step beyond boring memorization. They’re all about molding tomorrow’s leaders, infusing every lesson with the essential 4 C’s of 21st-century skills: creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration.

This platform fosters a love for lifelong learning, a crucial skill in today’s ever-changing world. Their lessons aren’t just lessons; they empower kids to be curious and engaged learners. It’s about getting equipped for the future – simple as that.

See inside Elephango

I absolutely love it when companies give us the chance to really get a feel for their products before diving into a commitment. And you know what? Elephango totally gets it! They’re not holding back – they’ve got examples from a bunch of subjects and different types of lessons that you can try out before you even think about making a payment.

Feel free to explore the lessons firsthand on their website –– and here’s the kicker – you don’t even need an account!

Before you dive into the world of Elephango, they offer something pretty cool – a personality and learning assessment for both parents and kids.

I have to admit, I found these assessments quite interesting. But here’s the deal – we take them with a grain of salt. Research has shown that our learning journey benefits from exploring concepts through different perspectives, rather than sticking to a rigid formula, so we don’t only choose the lessons that fit our style.

Let me give you a quick rundown of the options you’ll have once you’ve got yourself a subscription.

Parent account

With a parent account, you’re in control and can tailor the experience for your entire family. That means unrestricted access to all things Elephango, and you can even include up to 4 kids.

The beauty here is personalization. Each account can be fine-tuned to match interests and grade levels. You can go all the way, picking lesson plans and exploring adult learning.

Plus, you’ve got a neat trick up your sleeve – assigning lessons to your kids is a breeze. Just a click, and you can keep track of their progress too.

Wait, there’s more! Elephango‘s got your back with parent resources, serving up tips on homeschooling, organization, lesson planning, and more. It’s like your homeschool HQ.

elephango parents dashboard

Student Account

With a student account, you match their grades and interests, and Elephango works its magic to recommend lessons and activities that fit just right.

And here’s an extra treat! An Elephango Chrome extension that ensures safe Google exploration. It combines Google search and Elephango suggestions on a single homepage. It’s quick and convenient for enriching curriculum concepts. The best part? All searches are kid-friendly and well-monitored.

Now, here’s the fun part. Lessons kick off with a simple “start” button, and guess what? A little elephant starts walking. Engaging, right?

And there’s more in store. Badges, awards, and a leaderboard turn learning into a game and encourage kids to use the platform more. Digging deep becomes a mission, and curiosity reigns.

Elephango Chrome extension

About the lessons

When you first dive into Elephango, it might initially seem a tad overwhelming, but rest assured, it’s actually quite straightforward to navigate. Each lesson follows a clear structure. It begins with an overview that provides key details such as grade level, topic, learning style, and more. Then comes the lesson itself, followed by interactive activities and sometimes even printable materials.

In each lesson, you’ll find a mix of text-based materials and online videos. Many of the videos are handpicked from YouTube, while others are specially crafted by Bridgeway Academy for Elephango. As a delightful twist, I even stumbled upon a few videos by Mr. D Math that were custom-made for Elephango – a pleasant surprise indeed.

There are 3 types of lessons available: skill sharpener, quick query, and digging deeper.

Now, here’s something really cool that Elephango brings to the table – their badges! These badges aren’t just symbols; they represent curated collections of lessons forming a cohesive series. Each lesson can be tackled individually, but the real magic happens when you complete them all to earn a badge.

This clever approach encourages kids to dive deeper into subjects, or even connect the dots between different topics, making their learning journey all the more exciting and rewarding.

elephango lesson badges

How we use Elephango

Using a supplemental learning platform might seem a bit puzzling at first, especially when you have chosen your main curriculum already. However, the true magic lies in Elephango‘s versatility – it seamlessly complements any curriculum.

With an account, you get access to everything on the platform, which covers multiple subjects and all levels from K to 12.

So, how does Elephango fit into our homeschool routine?

Let me provide you with a practical example. In our literature studies this week, Marc delved into the world of denotations and connotations. Although his literature curriculum touched upon these, the explanations left gaps in his understanding. That’s when we turned to Elephango. Through a Quick Query lesson, Marc engaged with these concepts on a deeper level. The lesson’s video examples and abundant explanations bridged the gaps, enabling him to grasp the nuances and distinctions between denotations and connotations. The interactive quiz sealed the deal, ensuring he could confidently differentiate the two.

To give you an idea of how Elephango becomes an integral part of our homeschool, let me share our approach:

Review of skills

Bridgeway Academy has something called Jumpstart in their dashboard where they use Elephango to make sure kids are ready for the next school year.

We are using these sections to brush on concepts but also to mark anything we haven’t covered over the previous year as something that needs to be done soon.

elephango jumpstart bridgeway academy


Speaking of self-directed learning and nurturing curiosity, Elephango has become an invaluable tool for Marc to delve into a wide array of topics that align with his questions and interests.

In essence, Elephango acts as an expansive virtual encyclopedia, tailored for kids. Thanks to its Chrome extension, I can confidently empower Marc to explore freely and safely. He can quench his thirst for knowledge by venturing into various subjects, all while knowing he’s in a secure online environment.

elephango review encourage curiosity monkeyandmom

Enrichment and Reinforcement

At times, we encounter challenging concepts within our curriculum that require a deeper dive. During such moments, we rely on Elephango to provide us with supplementary material that sheds fresh light on the topics we’ve tackled.

In countless instances, the mere act of presenting information from an alternate perspective can be the key to unlocking a thorough comprehension of a subject. This platform offers us the opportunity to reinforce what we’re learning, ensuring that no gaps in understanding remain unaddressed.

Elephango review enrichment lessons

Covering gaps

One of the features that has truly come to our rescue is Elephango‘s ability to filter lessons based on State and National standards. This has proven to be a game-changer for us.

Bridgeway Academy’s online tests, which Marc takes three times a year, give us detailed results indicating the subjects and standards covered. These results also show the percentage of correct/incorrect answers for each topic. Armed with this information, I turn to Elephango to pinpoint lessons that align with the concepts he may have struggled with. This allows us to efficiently address any gaps in his understanding and reinforce his knowledge.

The beauty of this approach is how seamlessly it integrates with our homeschooling routine, alleviating a significant amount of stress from my shoulders.

how to find the standards lessons to cover in your homeschool

More ways you can use Elephango in your homeschool

The versatility of Elephango opens up a world of possibilities for integrating it into your homeschooling journey, catering to your unique needs and preferences.

Project based learning

Elephango’s lessons are designed to spark project-based learning, serving as ideal launchpads for creating in-depth projects that revolve around these subjects.

Discovering connections

The format of Elephango allows both children and parents to uncover intriguing connections between diverse subjects, fostering a well-rounded understanding. It’s very easy to skip from lesson to lesson or use badges as hubs for further exploring.

elephango review monkeyandmom

Research hub

If you lean toward a problem-solving approach, Elephango can serve as a dynamic research hub. Coupled with their Chrome extension, it empowers kids to delve into analysis and solution-oriented research for assigned problems.


For an educational approach rooted in Socratic thinking and classical learning, leverage Elephango to delve into thought-provoking concepts and controversial topics. Encourage your children to explore multiple facets of a story and engage in meaningful discussions.

What we love about Elephango

Our love for Elephango is quite evident – it has become our ultimate go-to supplemental learning platform. Let me sum up why this gem has earned its special place in our hearts.

Safe Google of homeschooling

Elephango doesn’t just offer curated lessons tailored for students; it’s like a sanctuary for research-minded kids. Beyond lessons, it even provides access to a secure search engine through its Chrome extension, ensuring a safe online exploration.

Nurturing curiosity

This platform is amazing for enriching any curriculum and one of the reasons we love using it is to add depth to our studies. But it goes beyond that, offering curious minds a safe place to grow.

Adaptable and flexible

Flexibility is at the core of Elephango‘s brilliance. Whether as a standalone resource or a constant companion to daily lessons, it adapts to your needs. It’s your versatile toolkit for launching projects, sparking discussions, or quickly revisiting forgotten concepts. Elephango fits any role you need it to.

elephango review dig deeper

Audio and printed support available

Elephango caters to various learning styles with its audio and printed support, accommodating the diverse needs of young learners.

If your kids prefer listening to reading. I love this integrated feature! And I really appreciate the worksheets available with some lessons that allow us to take learning offline.


One of the standout features of Elephango is its accessibility. With a single account, you can accommodate up to four kids of varying ages, effortlessly spanning the educational journey from kindergarten to high school. What’s more, the convenience doesn’t end at your doorstep – Elephango can journey with you wherever you have an internet connection. It’s learning on the go, simplified.

Engaging and rewarding

Elephango has masterfully cracked the code to keep learning engaging and rewarding. The interactive lessons, diverse resources, and captivating activities ensure that kids are not just passive learners, but active participants in their education. And let’s not forget the rewarding aspect – badges and achievements add an extra layer of motivation, making the learning experience feel like an exciting adventure with tangible accomplishments waiting at the finish line.

Elepahngo coupon code

Did I spark your curiosity about Elephango? Did you try it out and found it interesting?

Then, my special reader, this coupon is for you:


With this code, you’ll score a whopping 33% discount on your annual subscription to Elephango! That’s right, more learning, less spending.

elephango coupon code

Final thoughts

As we bring our journey through Elephango to a close, let me sum it up: this platform adds that extra dash of excitement to fuel our curiosity and gives a boost to concepts that need a little more attention.

In a rapidly changing world, nurturing independent thinkers, fostering a hunger for knowledge, and sharpening critical minds have never been more crucial. Elephango aligns perfectly with these ideals, providing materials that empower students to take the reins of their learning adventure.

For homeschoolers who value the freedom to chart their own course and embrace a well-rounded education, Elephango is the ultimate find. It’s not just about lessons, it’s about igniting curiosity, and kindling a lifelong passion for learning.

So, how about you? Have you integrated any supplemental learning platforms into your homeschool? If so, which ones have captured your heart? I’d love to hear about your favorites and experiences!

We love Elephango because it has everything!
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