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You can use the button below to donate and book a counseling session with me (45 min) on Zoom.

This is meant for:
– parents who are considering homeschooling and need more information

– parents who already decided to homeschool but need help picking a school/curriculum

– those of you that want to talk more about how we do it.

The sessions will be filled with information I gathered from over 6 years of homeschooling and from our own experiences. I encourage you to have a list of questions ready which I will do my best to answer.

Please note we are homeschooling using the USA system, so my advice and recommendations will automatically come from that perspective. I can recommend UK programs as well, based on my research.

You can contact me before donating for a counselling session to see if I can help you with your questions.

After you donate, please contact me to book a session at your convenience.

*minimum amount is 15 euro anything below that is considered a website donation. Thank you for understanding.

**you can book more than one session if you need help later on.
**I encourage you to have a list of questions ready which I will do my best to cover. For anything needing more research, I will let you know what I find at a later date by e-mail or chat message.

***by booking a session, you automatically agree that all the advice you receive is purely from my point of view and you would use that to start in your own research before taking any decision. Any decision you take is purely yours and I am not being held liable in any kind and for any issues (legal or otherwise) that might arise from your decision.

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