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Early Learning Made Easy with Homeschool+ {Review} | Adaptive Learning Platform

I vividly remember Marc’s first steps into the world of learning- it wasn’t always easy, and I didn’t always know what I was doing along the way. Now, as a middle schooler, he’s tackling subjects and concepts that are far beyond his years with excitement and curiosity.

But it all starts as early as preschool. There are many ways to start a love for learning, but the most fun and impactful is learning through preschool games.

Looking back, I realize how crucial those early years were in shaping his approach to learning, and how important it is to find learning gaps early so you can address them as soon as possible. It’s also important to keep the learning environment flexible and adapt learning to each child’s pace and needs.

But for many parents, it can be overwhelming to figure out how to cater to their children’s individual learning styles and adjust the level of difficulty accordingly, especially as you’re starting in homeschooling. That’s where an adaptive learning platform can come in handy, providing customized lessons tailored to each child’s unique needs and abilities, setting them up for academic success.

An added benefit of using an adaptive learning platform that covers all subjects is the cost-effectiveness and time-saving aspect. Instead of investing in multiple curricula and spending countless hours planning lessons, all the resources needed are in one place.

An adaptive learning platform is a valuable tool for parents looking to provide a solid foundation for their children’s education while making learning a fun and engaging experience.

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At A Glance – Homeschool+

Homeschool+ is a powerful and adaptive learning platform that offers a comprehensive curriculum for elementary-aged children. The program covers essential subjects like math, reading, science, social studies, art, Spanish, and language arts, eliminating the need for multiple apps.

The adaptability of the program ensures a personalized learning experience for each student. The program’s lesson planner and progress reports are designed specifically for homeschooling parents to track their child’s progress and ensure they meet their educational goals.

The program is easily accessible from any device, making it user-friendly for families that are on the move. The only disadvantage is the amount of screen time kids will be exposed to daily, but this can be adjusted as per your family’s wishes.

Homeschool+ is an excellent option for busy homeschooling families looking for an adaptable, accessible, and engaging platform for all of their learning needs.

Read the full review to see if Homeschool+ is the right fit for your family.

Our rating:

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Grades: preK-2

Style: All-in-one homeschool curriculum

Type: Secular

Formats: online games, app


  • adaptive learning platform
  • full curriculum for elementary
  • adjustable and flexible
  • accessible from anywhere
  • fun and engaging
  • gamified learning
  • balanced online-offline platform


  • not for families that wish to implement a no-screen policy


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Adaptive learning platforms for early learning

An adaptive learning platform like Homeschool+ is a program that adjusts to the needs and abilities of individual learners. It uses advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to analyze data on a learner’s progress, strengths, and weaknesses and adapts the content and difficulty of the lessons to match their level of knowledge and understanding.

An adaptive learning platform provides flexibility, convenience, and customization.

  • Flexibility: Adaptive learning platforms can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and on any device. This means parents can fit learning into any busy schedule and work from anywhere. This is especially beneficial for busy, multiple-children families, or working homeschool parents.
  • Customization: Adaptive learning programs can be customized to meet the individual learning styles, strengths, and weaknesses of each child, without the need for the parent to adjust each subject manually, the program will automatically find your child’s needs and meet them at the right challenge level for them.
  • Efficiency: Adaptive learning platforms can save time by providing data-driven feedback that is based on children’s performance. This feedback can help identify areas where children need more help, allowing parents to adjust the learning path accordingly.
  • Ease of use: Adaptive learning platforms are user-friendly and easy to navigate, making them ideal for young children and helpful for parents that will find everything they need to plan and adjust the pacing for their children.
Homeschool Review early learning adaptive platform1

An adaptive learning platform can provide families with the tools they need to provide a quality education for their children. It offers a personalized and flexible approach to learning that can fit into their busy schedules.

About Age of Learning

Age of Learning is a leading online education provider committed to helping children worldwide build strong learning foundations and a lifelong love of learning.

Their flagship product, ABCmouse Early Learning Academy, is the leading digital education brand for young children in the U.S. and has won many awards from national educational, parent, and media organizations.

logo registered

“At Age of Learning, we are committed to helping children everywhere build a strong foundation for academic success. To achieve this, we blend educational best practices, innovative technology, and insightful creativity to bring learning to life[…]”

— Age of Learning

Age of Learning’s research-based digital education programs have proven efficacy in increasing children’s learning gains, and their content is developed by an extensive team of education experts. To date, they have helped educate more than 50 million children worldwide.

Homeschool+ an all-in-one adaptive learning platform for elementary students

Homeschool+ is the newest addition to the Age of Learning’s portfolio of learning programs. This is an innovative, adaptive, one-stop learning platform that offers a comprehensive and personalized learning solution for homeschooled elementary-aged children (4-8 year-olds).

The program offers three unique curricula options, including math, reading, and ten individual courses covering essential subjects such as arts, sciences, social studies, and general studies.

I was impressed with the quality and ease of use of this platform, so let’s have a look inside:


The Homeschool+ dashboard is intuitive and user-friendly and it provides a comprehensive and personalized learning experience. The program’s adaptability and accessibility make it an excellent option for homeschooling families who want a one-stop platform for all their children’s learning needs. 

The Daily Lessons, Lesson Planner, and Progress Tracker sections of the Homeschool+ dashboard provide a unified and streamlined experience that eliminates the need for separate accounts for parents and children. This integration can save families a significant amount of time, avoiding the back-and-forth that is common on similar platforms where you have to switch accounts. 

Daily Lessons

The Daily Lessons section of Homeschool+ is an engaging and interactive experience for young learners. As soon as they log in, they are greeted with a colorful and fun dashboard that will make them excited to start learning. 

Children will be able to view all the subjects they have been assigned for a particular day, along with their progress in each subject, in one quick look. The lessons are customized to cater to various learning styles and include a variety of activities for visual, kinesthetic, and auditory learners.

Homeschool+ Dashboard

The lessons are gamified, making learning feel like a fun and engaging game rather than a tedious task. Homeschool+ covers essential subjects and each lesson is designed to make learning exciting and engaging for your child.

Each lesson is highly interactive, with drag-and-drop activities, puzzles, and games that keep your child engaged and motivated throughout their learning journey. For example, in math, children can help the Shapeys in various math missions, and in the reading program, they can read along with real characters, teaching a robot to read.

The platform is user-friendly and has an easy-to-use interface that’s perfect for young learners. The audio prompts and guided lessons are designed to keep your child focused and engaged, with vibrant images and fun characters directing them through their lessons. 

We all know how young children are naturally attracted to screens. With colorful animations, fun games, and engaging videos, Homeschool+ has everything you need to make learning fun, engaging, and exciting. 

Lesson Planner and Progress Tracker

The Homeschool+ Lesson Planner and Progress Tracker sections are powerful tools that help homeschooling parents stay organized and monitor their child’s progress. These sections are password-protected, so children won’t be able to access them by mistake.

The Lesson Planner is highly customizable, allowing parents to tailor their child’s curriculum to their specific needs and schedules.

With the Lesson Planner, parents can easily move, add, or remove lessons as needed and adjust each lesson’s timing as needed. This feature is especially helpful for busy families who may have unexpected events or interruptions in their schedules. 

What’s more, if you miss a lesson, the program automatically shifts it to your next learning block, so there’s no need for intensive parent planning. 

I wish I had this option for our flexible homeschool planner because constantly shifting things around sometimes gets tedious.

Homeschool+ Lesson Planner

The Progress Tracker section is another valuable tool that allows parents to monitor their child’s progress in real-time. This feature provides a detailed overview of completed and incomplete activities, making it easy to see where your child may need additional support. 

This level of transparency and visibility can help homeschooling parents adjust their teaching approach to better suit their child’s needs.

The Math and Reading sections have more advanced tracking parameters that allow parents to see the level achieved in each concept learning section.

The reporting for reading and math shows what a child has truly mastered, not just what they have completed, giving busy parents a comprehensive report of their children’s strengths and struggles. 

The color-coded reports for math and reading allow parents to quickly spot the areas that need more work, the areas where kids reached mastery, and whatever concepts they are in the process of learning.

Homeaschool+ Progress Tracker

Subjects Covered in Homeschool+

Homeschool+ is a comprehensive learning platform, covering all the essential subjects needed for elementary-aged children. 

The main subjects of this adaptive learning platform are math and language arts, but they also provide extra subjects for art, Spanish, science and social studies. 

I like that each lesson is peppered with a lot of fun activities for kids to try, offering them a lot of opportunities to cement what they’ve learned. 

My Reading Academy & My Math Academy – Adaptive Learning for Elementary

The Reading and Math programs from Homeschool+ cover beginner concepts through 4 years of learning, equivalent to PreK to 2nd grade. Powered by learning science and adaptive technology, both programs assess a child’s knowledge and create personalized learning paths

We all know each child is different and the adaptive learning feature of these programs make them easily customizable for each child. That’s because these programs adapt exactly to your child’s level to provide them with the right level of challenge for academic success. 

My Math Academy

My Math Academy from Homeschool+ is an engaging adaptive math learning program that ensures mastery of fundamental math concepts by assessing a child’s knowledge and creating personalized learning paths. 

The cute animations, audio prompts, and instructions make it appealing to young children, and the program’s adaptive nature ensures that kids are always at the right level of challenge

Kids assist the Shapeys, a group of adorable and positive characters, in accomplishing different missions while earning rewards along the way. This approach provides a contextual learning experience that teaches math through storytelling and real-world scenarios.

In only 10-12 weeks, kids who use My Math Academy for 30 minutes per week can go from knowing little to no math to mastery of the fundamental concepts and skills they need up to 2nd grade. 

From what I managed to browse so far, there’s counting, addition, base 10 blocks, subtraction, number line, charts, and more, everything kids need to know by the time they hit 2nd grade.

My Reading Academy

Homeschool+ offers a comprehensive and interactive digital reading program called My Reading Academy. My Reading Academy is an adaptive learning program that can strengthen foundational literacy skills for young learners. 

The program is highly interactive and adaptive, using the Science of Reading and cognitive development research to offer a game-based approach that improves reading skills for beginning and early readers. It includes flexible assessments that place students to the right level of challenge, providing ongoing feedback to support progress, and ensuring any gaps in their reading skills are addressed through repeating activities.

My Reading Academy is an award-winning reading program that features real characters, digital books, games, and videos. The program covers everything from tracing letters to reading fiction and non-fiction texts. Kids can read along with the books on-screen and practice their letter recognition and reading skills with various engaging activities and games.

During the program, children aid a robot named Bitsy in learning to read, which enhances the learning experience’s enjoyment and engagement. With the assistance of Miracle, the on-screen mentor, the children, and Bitsy are guided through the intricacies of reading in an interactive and enjoyable manner that feels more like play than mundane phonics lessons.

With My Reading Academy, each child learns to read at their own pace and on their own path, ensuring they have the necessary skills to become successful readers.

Other Subjects

Aside from reading and math, Homeschool+ also offers 12 individual courses covering arts, sciences, social studies, and general studies as follows:

  • The art lessons teach children the basics of colors, color combinations, and techniques through songs and engaging art lessons.
  • The science courses cover a range of topics such as animals and habitats, body systems, and think like a scientist section. Children will have the opportunity to conduct science experiments and demonstrations, further developing their understanding of the world around them.
  • The social studies courses cover important topics such as community and citizenship, cultures and places to explore, and maps and landmarks. Children will learn about different societies and their customs, as well as the importance of being responsible citizens in their own community.
  • The grammar and writing course focuses on developing strong writing and communication skills through fun stories and cartoons. Children will learn about sentence structure, parts of speech, and grammar rules, and practice writing various types of compositions.
  • The Spanish course introduces children to the Spanish language and culture. They will learn basic vocabulary, grammar, and conversation skills, and have the opportunity to engage in immersive language learning through interactive activities and games.

Each course consists of 12-20 lessons, and every single one comes with an offline lesson plan designed to be hands-on and interactive, giving your child a break from screen time and allowing them to learn through physical activities. 

The lessons are complemented by animated cartoon episodes or songs, readers, coloring pages, puzzles, games, and more, which help reinforce the concepts taught in the courses. 

You can choose as many or as few of these classes as you want to add to your children’s daily classes. The recommended number is 1-3 of these per day along with math and reading. 

What we loved about it

I feel that Homeschool+ is a powerful, adaptive learning program that can quickly become a one-stop platform for all busy homeschool parents that need help teaching their youngest children basic reading, math, and general knowledge. 

We’re obviously out of the age range for this platform, but that didn’t stop Marc from enjoying playing and exploring it. He took advantage of the Spanish lessons to learn his first words in this language and had fun coloring on-screen or interacting with the Shapeys as he played some math games. 

The speed answer game for the basic operations was quite fun for him, so I guess the adaptive nature of the program managed to place him at an advanced math level, even though the program is intended to be used up to 2nd grade. 

I also enjoyed watching the fun grammar cartoons and I think Homeschool+ did a splendid job of explaining the parts of speech to kids in a fun and relatable way!

I wish we had something like this while he was growing up and I was installing different apps for different subjects that never coordinated. Not to mention none of them had comprehensive planning or tracking for me, so I never knew how much he actually learned from them. 

Rather than installing different apps and trying to coordinate them all, Homeschool+ offers all you need in one space, including comprehensive reports and a cool lesson planner that I wish I had now, with the complexity of middle school. 

So a couple of features of Homeschool+ that stood out to me are:

Adaptability and Flexibility

Homeschool+ is very adjustable. The program is designed to adjust to the student’s learning style and pace, making it a great option for parents who have a busy schedule but still want to provide their children with a quality education. I also see this as a huge help for families with multiple children, where it’s hard to keep up with everyone learning at different levels. 

The adaptability of Homeschool+ ensures that each child receives a personalized learning experience that meets their specific needs. Moreover, parents can adjust the pacing, length of time, and subjects that kids are required to study daily.I just love the flexibility in our homeschool and I believe Homeschool+ has done a great job at ensuring parents still have a lot of control over everything their children need by providing not only highly adaptable learning programs but also easy-to-manage lesson plans and schedules.

Homeschool+ review

One-stop, full curriculum

Another advantage of Homeschool+ is its comprehensive curriculum. The program offers the two main focus curricula for elementary, reading and math, and ten individual courses that cover all the essential subjects required for elementary-aged children. I’ve grown to appreciate having everything I need in one place, and with Homeschool+ this means no more installing dozens of different apps for each subject and asking kids to switch between them.

By using Homeschool+ you get it all in one platform and kids know exactly how much time to spend on each subject every day without wasting time or juggling between multiple apps. And you get a comprehensive daily planner and reports for every subject learned.

Parent Support

I love how Homeschool+ comes with a lesson planner and progress reports that are specifically designed for homeschooling parents. The lesson planner allows parents to move, add, and remove lessons, making it highly customizable to meet the needs and schedules of homeschool families. I love how skipped lessons automatically move tp the next learning day, making this a dream planning system for any homeschool parent. 

The detailed progress reports help parents track their child’s progress and ensure that they are meeting their educational goals, showing them exactly where their child struggles.

Having these flexible options right there, in the app’s dashboard makes Homeschool+ a powerful tool for any homeschool family when it comes to tracking your children’s progress and spotting areas where they need more support.


Another feature I love about Homeschool+ is that can be accessed from anywhere whether it’s your computer, phone or tablet, making this program ideal for families that travel a lot and need the ease of use of a platform that’s truly device-agnostic when it comes to usability. 

We all want to offer our children real-life experiences and Homeschool+ can ensure learning can be done while traveling, in the car, while waiting for appointments. This is a big thing to take into consideration if your family is on the move a lot, because a program like Homeschool+ means no missed school days and no lugging around heavy books. 

Homeschool+ Review- early learning adaptive platform

Fun and Engaging

The colorful gamified experience and relatable characters all make Homeschool+ a platform that’s attractive to younger audiences. Kids will happily spend time learning while playing and Homeschool+ does a fantastic job of attracting kids into a world of learning. 

I love the array of activities that kids can choose from and I like that they have the option of choosing how they want to apply what they’ve learned by doing art, puzzles, games, reading, or even going the hands-on route with the printable lesson plans.

Balancing Screen and Hands-On

The only disadvantage I initially saw was the amount of time kids will be spending in front of a screen. But Homeschool+ thought of this aspect, too, because even that can be adjusted by the parent! 

I love how I could pick between 5 to 60 minutes for each of the core subjects and how I could easily add or remove activities from each day. 

I also feel that the addition of printable lesson plans creates a nice balance between screen and hands-on activities, making sure young kids don’t spend too much time in front of a screen.

Is Homeschool+ right for me?

I feel that a lot of families could take advantage of this powerful learning platform, but to help you out, I brainstormed a list of specific cases where Homeschool+ would be a helpful addition to your homeschool:

  • if you have a multiple-kids family
  • if you’re a working homeschool parent
  • if you have young children that want to “do school” like their older siblings
  • if you have young gifted kids that want to learn more and faster than what you can keep up with
  • it you are traveling a lot
  • if you can’t lug around lots of workbooks and textbooks
  • if you’re looking for a way to incorporate technology in your children’s lives that’s actually teaching them something
  • if you’re just starting out and you’re unsure of the style that fits your children or how to adjust each subject to their level
  • if you want to supplement your current curriculum, especially during busy times
  • if you want to ensure there are no gaps in your elementary children’s foundational years
  • if you have children with learning difficulties (even if they are older)
  • if your children are ESL, even if they are a bit older than the intended age

And Homeschool+ might not be for you:

  • if you prefer books and textbooks to screens
  • if you want full control over what and how your child learns
  • if you want to implement a zero-screen time until your children are older
  • if you have older children than the intended age that have no learning difficulties
Homeschool Review early learning adaptive platform2


Homeschool+ is a comprehensive and adaptive learning platform that provides a one-stop solution for homeschooling parents who want to teach their elementary-aged children all the essential subjects, including math, reading, science, social studies, Spanish, and art. 

The program is designed to adjust to each child’s learning style and pace, ensuring a personalized learning experience that meets their specific needs. 

With features like offline lesson plans, animated cartoons, puzzles, games, and more, Homeschool+ makes learning fun and interactive, while also providing parents with comprehensive reports and a cool lesson planner that allows for maximum control and flexibility over what children learn and how much time they spend online. 

With its comprehensive and adaptive programs, customizable lesson plans, and engaging screens, Homeschool+ is an excellent option for homeschooling parents and educators looking to provide their children with a top-quality education.

Did you ever try an adaptive learning platform before? How was it for your family?
Let me know in the comments and let’s talk about it!

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