Is Mr d math worth it- review- algebra 2

Is Mr. D Math Worth It? A Comprehensive Three-Year Review

Inside: Join us as we review our 3 years with Mr. D Math. What began as a simple search for a good math curriculum ended up offering us so much more. Here, you’ll find a heartfelt account of how Mr. D Math not only elevated Marc’s math skills but also his self-confidence and passion for math. And we still find Mr D Math as the best math curriculum for homeschoolers. Find out why by reading more below.

Finding the right curricula is a real challenge, especially when you’re looking for something that does more than just cover the topics and move on. I am always on the lookout for resources that truly engage my son, making learning enjoyable and effective, something to encourage life long learning and teach him other skills he would need to be successful. It’s a tough order, but Mr. D Math has been one of those rare resources for us.

Three years back, when Marc was about to start pre-algebra at 10 years old, we decided to try Mr. D Math. What we expected was a comprehensive math curriculum. What we got was so much more—a system that not only improved Marc’s math skills but also significantly boosted his confidence and interest in math as well as his independence as a learner.

Now, as we’re about to tackle Algebra 2, it’s clear how valuable Mr. D Math has been for us. So here I am again, ready to talk about Mr. D Math after 3 years of using it as our main math curriculum.

This is a sponsored post. I was given the product to review and I might have been compensated for my time. I would never endorse or recommend programs we wouldn’t use ourselves. Read more about it in my Disclosure.

Mr D Math review- 3 years later comprehensive review is it worth it- algebra 2

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What is Mr. D Math?

At its core, Mr. D Math is an online educational platform, but calling it just that hardly does it justice. It’s the brainchild of Dennis DiNoia (Mr. D), a seasoned educator who saw the need for a math curriculum that went beyond rote memorization to teach math as a language that every child can learn and love. And that’s exactly what Mr. D Math offers.

This platform covers an impressive range from middle school through high school math, touching on subjects essential for academic progression and real-world applications.

But Mr. D didn’t stop at math. The platform also hosts classes in areas like grammar, American Sign Language (ASL), music, study skills, SAT/ACT prep and even coding, although only math is taught by Mr. D himself.

What sets Mr. D Math apart is its commitment to truly engage students. It transforms math from a subject often met with dread into an enjoyable, understandable part of daily life.

We have been on this platform for three years, and we’ve explored mostly their math, as well as the course on study skills which I previously reviewed.

mr d math courses

Why Mr. D Math for high school math?

When it comes to choosing a math curriculum, there are countless options out there, but Mr. D Math stands in a league of its own for several compelling reasons. Here’s why we chose Mr. D Math and continue to stand by that decision 3 years later:

① A curriculum that speaks the language of kids and a teacher who loves math

Dennis DiNoia, the creator of Mr. D Math, has crafted a curriculum that approaches math as a language — one that every child can learn to “speak” fluently. This resonated with us from the start and I loved seeing Dennis’ whole teaching philosophy outlined in his book, TEACH: Creating Independently Responsible Learners, a book that offers us a refreshing look at education and how kids learn.

The curriculum’s conceptual foundation means that students aren’t memorizing formulas but understanding the “why” behind them, making math a subject of intrigue rather than intimidation. It’s fascinating to watch a curriculum break down the barriers between a child and a subject as complex as math, turning perplexity into clarity and interest.

From the moment Marc started with Mr. D Math, it was clear this wasn’t just another “curriculum”. Mr. D has this incredible knack for making math relatable and understandable, stripping away the intimidation factor and replacing it with curiosity and enthusiasm. From the joviality with which he presents math concepts to the colorful markers he uses in his videos and the carefully chosen concepts to focus on, Mr. D is a wonderful teacher who knows what he’s doing.

For Marc, this approach has been exactly what he needed in a point where math became a chore. We previously did Math in Focus, and while I love the foundation this math curriculum has given him, it started feeling like we had to check things off a list and get math done. I thought it was something normal, given the breath and depth of complex math concepts coming his way, but Mr. D has been so refreshing for us!

Watching Marc explain to me a concept he’s just learned, eyes alight with understanding and eagerness, is a joy. There’s this moment of pride when he says, “I get it now,” that’s deeply satisfying. That shift in perspective is priceless.

Mr. D Math is about making math accessible, engaging, and something that kids look forward to and we will be forever grateful such a curriculum even exists!

mr d math algebra 2 review

② Mastery and confidence building

There’s something truly special about seeing your child not just get by but excel in their studies, and with Mr. D Math, that’s exactly what we’ve experienced with Marc. This curriculum’s approach is to dive deep, really getting to the heart of math concepts. The lessons are presented in such a way that the concepts simply stick!

And Marc’s journey is a prefect example of how solid Mr. D Math really is. He’s been with Mr. D Math for three years now, moving from pre-algebra into Algebra 2 and he rarely gets anything other than A and A+ in his online tests with Mr D.

But the real proof of his progress? His scores. Marc’s not just passing, he’s soaring. In Bridgeway Academy‘s annual tests, he tackled the Geometry exams (while only in 7th grade) and scored in the 98th percentile. I wasn’t expecting that!

But I wanted to be sure, to really know that this wasn’t just a fluke or surface-level understanding. So, we ventured beyond Mr. D Math for a bit, trying out Thinkwell’s Honors Algebra 1. The result? Marc aced it, demonstrating a solid grasp on everything he’d learned previously. Every concept Thinkwell covered, Marc already knew from Mr. D Math, proving that the curriculum had given him a robust foundation.

Marc always had a math brain, but he never particularly loved math so seeing his confidence bloom in math has been extremely rewarding. It’s transformed math from a potential stressor and something he didn’t look forward to into one of his strengths. This shift—from anxiety to affinity—speaks volumes about the impact of Mr. D Math on Marc’s academic and personal growth. It’s a testament not only to Marc’s dedication but to the effectiveness and depth of the curriculum itself.

mr d math review- mastery and confidence builder

③ Support when and where it counts

The level of support available through Mr. D Math is unmatched.

It’s not just about having resources available, but about helping students to help themselves while offering just the right amount of guidance.

When kids encounter a challenging concept, the support system is there to catch them. The platform’s messaging feature is very intuitive and easy to use. It allowed Marc to reach out directly with his questions, big or small, and receive timely, thorough responses. This kind of one-on-one attention is invaluable, ensuring that no student feels left behind.

The bi-weekly live help sessions have been another standout aspect. These aren’t just generic Q&A times. They’re interactive, engaging, and incredibly supportive. Kids can use these sessions to delve deeper into topics, clarify doubts, and even explore areas of interest that go beyond the day’s lesson. The tutors’ dedication is evident in their quick, comprehensive answers that are not just about providing a solution but ensuring understanding.

④ The hands-off experience for parents

For me, as a parent, Mr. D Math has been a revelation in how it’s allowed me to take a step back and let Marc take ownership of his math education. This isn’t to say I’m not involved, I am, but it’s more about being there to support Marc’s math learning rather than leading it. The curriculum and support system are designed in such a way that he can independently navigate his learning path.

This hands-off approach has been beneficial in multiple ways. Firstly, it has fostered a sense of responsibility in Marc, giving him the confidence to manage his studies, reach out for help when needed, and track his progress. The platform itself is intuitive, making it easy for students to find resources, submit work, and even check their understanding through quizzes and tests that provide instant feedback.

Moreover, this approach has allowed me to witness Marc’s growth not just academically but personally. Seeing him take initiative, celebrate his successes, and learn from challenges has been incredibly rewarding. The fact that Mr. D Math has made this possible, providing a structure that supports independence while ensuring comprehensive learning and understanding, is a testament to its thoughtful design and implementation.

Mr. D Math has struck the perfect balance, offering robust support to students while enabling a hands-off experience for parents. This balance promotes independence, accountability, and a deeper engagement with the material.

mr d math review- algebra 2- online math classes

⑤ Unique curriculum developed in-house

The curriculum at the core of Mr. D Math is truly one-of-a-kind, and understanding why requires a look at its origins and composition. Developed by Mr. Dennis DiNoia, the curriculum is the product of a deeply experienced educator’s vision for a more effective, engaging way to teach math. What sets it apart is not just the pedagogical approach but also the sources from which it draws.

Mr. D aimed to revolutionize how students engage with and understand math. With a rich background in education, spanning over 30 years of teaching and tutoring, Mr. D brought a wealth of knowledge and insight to the drawing board. This curriculum isn’t just academic theory but a distillation of decades of hands-on experience with students of all ages and abilities.

What makes Mr. D Math’s curriculum particularly impressive is its foundation upon materials from some of the most well-respected publishers in the field of math education, including Forrester’s Algebra, Pearson, McGraw Hill, and Glencoe. These names are synonymous with quality and rigor in educational publishing, offering textbooks and resources that have supported learners worldwide.

By integrating concepts and methodologies from these reputable sources, Mr. D has crafted a curriculum that stands on the shoulders of giants. It’s a harmonious blend of proven instructional strategies and Mr. D’s innovative approach to teaching math as a language that everyone can understand and master.

The outcome of this meticulous development process is a curriculum that’s both comprehensive and deeply focused on conceptual understanding. The curriculum’s structure ensures that learners build a solid mathematical foundation, covering a broad spectrum of topics while delving deep into the key concepts that underpin mathematical literacy.

mr d math online algebra curriculum for homeschoolers

⑥ Building community and engagement

There’s something truly special about Mr. D Math that goes beyond the typical educational experience, and it’s something that’s made a big difference for Marc (and kids like him). It’s how this platform builds a vibrant sense of community and engagement, making every student feel like they’re part of a bigger, exciting journey in learning.

Throughout the year, Mr. D Math brings to life various contests and interactive events that really set it apart.

The Student Appreciation Month is one of those times when the focus shifts from the academics to celebrating the journey and the effort. It’s about making each student feel seen, appreciated, and part of a community. For Marc, being recognized in such a way made him feel deeply connected to the Mr. D Math family.

And then, there’s the moment Marc’s been buzzing about — his winning video for the Student Appreciation Month. That experience? It was a milestone for him. He was so nervous and excited to record this video and also a bit apprehensive because he was “sure” he wouldn’t win. (I promise this was all his idea). Sharing his video, seeing the reactions from peers and teachers, and feeling that wave of support and pride from the community — it’s moments like these that transform an online platform into a warm, welcoming space where students thrive not just academically but personally. And Marc’s confidence in more than just math soared yet again! Mr. D managed to offer him a safe space to try something new!

This unique blend of learning, competition, and recognition makes Mr. D Math stand out as a community. It’s a place where kids like Marc don’t just learn math, they learn about themselves, grow in confidence, and discover how to connect with others over shared challenges and triumphs.

See Marc’s winning video:

⑦ Fostering independence and responsibility

It’s fascinating how a curriculum, designed with such intention, can go beyond its primary goal of teaching math and instill life skills that are equally, if not more, valuable.

With Mr. D Math, Marc’s journey into self-directed learning began almost as an experiment. We chose the self-paced route, which honestly felt like a leap of faith at the time. This platform gave Marc the reins to his learning process, challenging him to set his pace, manage his schedule, and take charge of his progress. Watching him navigate through lessons, tackle worksheets, and even decide when to take quizzes was like witnessing him grow wings.

We already covered seeking help—a skill many of us struggle with well into adulthood. Mr. D Math has this beautifully integrated system where Marc could ask questions anytime. At first, he was hesitant, but the platform’s encouraging environment made him more comfortable reaching out. It wasn’t long before he viewed asking for help not as a sign of weakness but as a strategic tool in his learning arsenal. This was a significant milestone for Marc, learning that asking for help is, in fact, taking responsibility for his learning.

On my end, Mr. D Math prompted a shift from being a hands-on helper to a supportive observer in Marc’s educational journey. This wasn’t easy; letting go rarely is. But seeing Marc not just manage but thrive under this independence was all the confirmation I needed. It was a lesson in trust—trusting Marc to take charge, trusting the curriculum to guide him, and trusting the support system to back him up when needed.

What we’ve gained from Mr. D Math goes beyond academic achievement. Yes, Marc’s understanding and performance in math have been remarkable, but it’s the growth in his independence, confidence, and problem-solving skills that truly stands out. These are the lessons that he’ll carry with him, shaping not just his academic future but his approach to life challenges.

mr d math algebra 2 review - is mr d math good

How Does Mr. D Math Work?

Since Mr D Math is completely online, there’s no textbook available, but the lessons are all video-based.

Navigating through Mr. D Math has been a streamlined process. Let me walk you through how this platform operates, emphasizing the simplicity and effectiveness that make Mr. D unique.

The 5-step seamless workflow of Mr. D Math

Using Mr D is as easy as 1-2-3-4-5. This simplified process makes it easy for kids to do it independently.

Accessing Mr. D Math – options for every learner

Mr. D Math understands that every student has unique learning needs and preferences. That’s why it offers three distinct ways to access its curriculum: live classes, self-paced courses, and co-op settings. Here’s a closer look at each:

Live Online Classes

  • Interactive and engaging: Live classes are held once per week, allowing students to interact in real-time with Mr. D or one of his expert teachers. It’s as close as you can get to a traditional classroom setting without leaving your home.
  • Real-time assistance: Students can ask questions and get immediate answers during the class, making it an excellent option for those who benefit from direct interaction.
  • Scheduled learning: Perfect for learners who thrive on routine, as it provides a regular schedule much like traditional schooling.

Self-Paced Courses

  • Flexibility at its best: Self-paced courses give students the freedom to learn at their own speed. You can watch the video lessons, complete worksheets, and take quizzes whenever it fits into your day, not just according to a set class schedule.
  • Autonomy in learning: This option is great for motivated students who prefer to manage their own learning schedule or for families that need the flexibility due to other commitments.
  • Comprehensive resources: Includes all the same high-quality materials as live classes but allows for a more personalized learning pace.


  • Community learning: Co-ops offer a blend of Mr. D Math’s structured curriculum with the added benefit of learning alongside peers in your local community.
  • Hands-On Support: Ideal for students who flourish in a group setting and benefit from the collective learning experience.

Corsework organization- what to expect

Mr. D Math’s curriculum is meticulously organized to ensure that students not only learn but truly understand mathematical concepts. Here’s how the coursework is structured:

Core Structure

  • Chapters and lessons: The curriculum for each course is divided into 12 chapters, focusing on key topics. Each chapter contains 6-8 lessons, meticulously designed to build upon each other, ensuring a logical progression of learning.
  • Video lessons: Each lesson kicks off with a video, where Mr. D himself or one of the selected instructors breaks down the day’s topic. These videos are not just lectures; they’re interactive, engaging, and designed to make students think.
  • Worksheets for practice: Following the video, students tackle worksheets that apply the new concepts. This immediate application reinforces learning and aids in retention.
  • Quizzes and tests: After completing the worksheets, students take a quiz to assess their understanding of the lesson. The courses also include mid-chapter reviews, end-of-chapter tests, and comprehensive semester exams to ensure mastery.

Support and review mechanisms

  • Spiral reviews: Integral to the curriculum are the spiral reviews found in each chapter. These reviews revisit previous concepts, reinforcing knowledge and making connections between topics.
  • Honors sections: For students seeking an extra challenge, honors sections are available from Algebra 1 onwards. These sections delve deeper into topics, offering enriched learning opportunities.

Mastery-based learning

  • Focus on understanding: Mr. D Math emphasizes mastery, meaning students are encouraged to fully understand a concept before moving on. The curriculum supports this through detailed explanations, step-by-step problem-solving, and opportunities for revision.
  • Feedback and correction: The coursework is designed not just for students to receive grades but to understand their mistakes, learn from them, and correct their understanding. This approach fosters a deep, conceptual grasp of math.

Additional resources

  • Notes and outlines: Included in the self-paced option are notes and outlines for students who benefit from written resources to accompany their video lessons.
  • Autograded features: Online quizzes and tests are autograded, providing immediate feedback. This feature simplifies tracking progress and understanding areas that need improvement.
  • Welcome and orientation: Each course begins with a welcome section that explains how to use the platform effectively, outlining additional help sessions, pacing guides, and tips for maximizing learning.
Mr d math step by step algebra for high school

Help and support in Mr. D Math

Understanding that questions and challenges are a natural part of learning, especially in a subject as complex as math, Mr. D Math has established a comprehensive support system to assist students whenever they need it. Here’s how help and support are structured:

Direct messaging for immediate assistance

  • Always available: The platform includes a messaging system that connects students directly with tutors. Whether it’s a small doubt or a complex question, help is just a message away.
  • Quick response times: One of the standout features is the responsiveness. Students aren’t left hanging; they receive comprehensive answers quickly, ensuring they can move forward without frustration.

Bi-weekly live help sessions

  • Interactive support: For more in-depth assistance, Mr. D Math offers live help sessions twice a week. These sessions allow students to ask questions in real-time and receive explanations and guidance.
  • Beyond just answers: These sessions aren’t only about getting the right answer. Tutors ensure students understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ behind solutions, deepening their mathematical understanding.

Honors section feedback

  • Personalized feedback: Students enrolled in honors sections receive personalized feedback on their work. This isn’t about marking right or wrong but providing insights, suggestions, and encouragement to explore concepts more deeply.
  • Human touch: Corrections and feedback from a real person add a layer of personalized instruction, making the online learning experience feel more connected and supported.

This multifaceted support system ensures that students never feel lost or overwhelmed. With Mr. D Math, help is always available, making learning math a more supported and less daunting journey.

mr d math algebra 2 review - the best high school math curriculum

Mr. D Math Algebra 2 overview

So, we’re already diving into Algebra 2 for 8th grade with Mr. D Math, and we noticed the same quality and level of involvement. After Marc nailed Algebra 1 and Geometry, I am curious to see where Algebra II will take him.

Here are the topics he will be covering this year with Algebra II:

Mr D Algebra 2 Chapters:
1.   Equations and Inequalities 
2.   Linear Relations and Functions
3.   Systems of Equation and Inequalities
4.   Matrices
5.   Quadratic Functions and Relations
6.   Polynomial Functions and Relations
Semester I Exam
7.   Inverse and Radical Functions and Relations
8.   Exponential and Logarithmic Functions and Relations
9.   Rational and Functions and Relations
10. Conic Sections
11. Sequences and Series
12. Probability and Statistics
Semester II Exam

mr d math is the best algebra curriculum for high school- review

I always like printing our our whole workbook for the year and binding it, so I’ve designed unique covers and chapter dividers for those who, like us, prefer to have a tangible Algebra 2 workbook.

I’m offering these free for download. Simply subscribe to my newsletter, and you’ll get these covers, allowing you to customize your workbook just as we have. You have 4 options for outer covers and 13 chapter covers to divide your chapters into smaller pieces.

Mr. D Math demo classes

Mr. D offers demo classes for all his courses! All you need to do is:



User ID: demo
Password: mrdmath



Explore the demo courses.

!!! IMPORTANT!!!! Log out before purchasing anything.

Who is Mr. D Math for?

We all know that not every tool fits every learner’s needs. However, through our journey with Mr. D Math, I’ve come to see it as a rare gem that is truly adaptable and appealing to a wide spectrum of students.

So, who exactly is Mr. D Math for?

✅ For the reluctant mathematician

Firstly, Mr. D Math is a haven for students who might not naturally gravitate towards math. Many kids don’t start with a burning passion for algebra or geometry. Yet, the unique approach of Mr. D Math—teaching math as a language—has a way of demystifying complex concepts, making them accessible and, dare I say, enjoyable. If your child dreads math or struggles with traditional teaching methods, Mr. D’s engaging lessons and compassionate support can turn anxiety into achievement.

NOTE: If your child is struggling with math basics or is very behind, look at Denison Algebra instead.

✅ For the aspiring STEM prodigy

On the flip side, Mr. D Math is equally suited for students with a keen interest in STEM fields. The curriculum’s depth, particularly in higher-level courses like Algebra 2 and beyond, offers the challenge and rigor these students crave.

Marc’s transition into more advanced topics has been seamless, with Mr. D Math continually feeding his curiosity and logical thinking skills, essential for any budding scientist, engineer, or mathematician.

NOTE: If you have a math genius that lives for math, you should look at Art of Problem Solving instead.

✅ For the independent learner

The structure of Mr. D Math—especially its self-paced courses—caters brilliantly to students who thrive on independence. Marc’s journey toward becoming a self-directed learner has been one of the most rewarding aspects of our experience. Students who prefer taking the reins of their education, setting their pace, and delving deeply into subjects at their leisure will find Mr. D Math a perfect fit.

✅ For the social butterfly

Don’t think Mr. D Math leaves out the social butterflies! The live classes and co-op options provide a communal learning atmosphere where students can interact, ask questions in real-time, and even engage in math contests and events. It’s a great way for kids to feel connected, make friends, and learn together.

✅ For the homeschooling family seeking comprehensive support

Finally, Mr. D Math is amazing for homeschooling parents looking for a comprehensive, engaging math curriculum that comes with an excellent support system. Whether it’s the direct access to tutors, the online community, or the wealth of resources and flexibility the platform offers, it alleviates much of the teaching burden from parents, allowing them to be facilitators rather than lecturers.

mr d math review - best math curriculum for middle school and high school

The flip side- when Mr. D Math might not be the perfect fit

While we’ve been singing praises for Mr. D Math and genuinely enjoying our journey through its courses, it’s fair to acknowledge that no one solution fits all. Reflecting on our experience and considering the broader landscape, there are a few scenarios where Mr. D Math might not align perfectly with every homeschooling family’s needs or expectations. Here’s where it might not be the ideal fit:

❌ If you’re looking for a textbook-heavy approach

Mr. D Math thrives on its video lessons and interactive platform, making it a hit for students like Marc who enjoy engaging, multimedia learning experiences. However, if your student prefers a traditional textbook approach to math, with pages to turn and margins to doodle in, Mr. D might feel a bit out of water. We’ve adapted by creating our own physical workbook from the materials, but for those strictly seeking textbook learning, this adjustment might not suffice.

NOTE: If you want rigorous, traditional math with textbooks, look at publishers like Foerster’s Algebra or Glencoe, Holt, or Pearson.

❌ For those who crave more math

While Mr. D covers all the essentials and then some, preparing kids for standardized tests and beyond, but its approach is more about understanding concepts deeply rather than drilling through endless problem sets. For students or parents looking for a curriculum that offers a vast quantity of practice problems for each topic, Mr. D’s concise, concept-focused method might seem lacking. We found supplementing with additional resources helpful when Marc wanted more practice, but it’s an extra step some may wish to avoid.

❌ If your student needs ultra-high challenge levels

Mr. D Math is wonderfully balanced for a wide range of learners, making complex topics accessible and engaging. That said, for those rare prodigies who are zooming light years ahead, craving ultra-advanced topics or competition-level challenges, Mr. D might not hit the mark on its own. It’s fantastic for strong, steady progress but might need supplementing to satisfy those on the extreme end of advanced learning.

NOTE: If you have a math enthusiast, you should look at Art of Problem Solving instead.

mr d math algebra 2 review- best algebra 2 curriculum


Reflecting on our journey with Mr. D Math, particularly as we step into the Algebra 2 course, it’s been clear that this platform has offered us more than just math lessons. From the day Marc started with pre-algebra to now, every lesson has contributed not just to his understanding of math, but to his confidence and independence in learning.

What stands out about Mr. D Math is how it turns complex math concepts into understandable language, making learning accessible and, surprisingly, enjoyable. This approach has helped Marc see math in a new light—a subject not just to be tackled, but to be understood and applied in everyday life.

For any family contemplating Mr. D Math, our experience speaks to the platform’s strength in fostering a deep, intuitive understanding of math. It’s this foundation that has prepared Marc not just for tests, but for a future where he can approach problems with confidence and curiosity.

As we continue with Mr. D Math, looking forward to the challenges and achievements ahead in Algebra 2, we feel equipped and excited.

For anyone on the fence, consider this a hearty endorsement from a family deeply appreciative of the journey so far and optimistic about the road ahead.

So what do you say? Will you give Mr. D Math a try? Let me know in the comments if you have any questions and doubts, I am very happy to chat about this program.

And I’ll leave you with another short video of Marc’s reasons to love Mr. D Math- it truly is the best math curriculum out there for middle and high schoolers and I hope you give it. try.

best tools for homeschool

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Q: Is Mr. D Math accredited (NCAA)?

A: Yes, Mr. D Math is accredited and recognized by the NCAA, making it a trustworthy choice for students aiming to meet eligibility requirements for college athletics.

Q: Is Mr. D Math good?

A: Absolutely, Mr. D Math has received positive reviews from students and parents alike for its engaging approach to teaching math, comprehensive curriculum, and supportive learning environment. Its courses are designed to cater to a variety of learning styles, making math accessible and enjoyable for a broad range of students. If you want an in-depth, genuine review of Mr. D Math, read my blog post.

Q: Is Mr. D Math spiral or mastery?

A: Mr. D Math employs a mastery approach to learning, ensuring that students thoroughly understand each concept before moving on to more complex topics. However, it also incorporates periodic spiral reviews to reinforce previously learned material, striking a balance between mastery and spiral learning methods.

Q: Is Mr. D Math rigorous?

A: Yes, the curriculum is designed to be challenging yet accessible, pushing students to achieve their best while providing the necessary support to help them succeed. The program includes courses from basic algebra to more advanced topics, including test prep, ensuring a rigorous and comprehensive math education.

Q: What curriculum does Mr. D Math use?

A: The Mr. D Math curriculum is developed in-house, drawing upon a variety of reputable resources and the extensive teaching experience of Dennis DiNoia (Mr. D himself). The curriculum is designed to present math conceptually, fostering deep understanding and lifelong learning skills.

Q: Can parents track their child’s progress?

A: Absolutely, the Mr. D Math platform includes features that allow parents to log in and view their child’s progress, including quiz and test scores, completed lessons, and overall course advancement. This transparency helps parents stay informed and involved in their child’s learning journey.

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