choosing the best 6th grade homeschool curriculum

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  1. Hi, I found your blog while looking for MyTek classes reviews. I live in the USA but grew up in Europe. I homeschool my 3 kids : 8th grader, 6th grader and 4th grader which seems to be so similar to your son! We use Bookshark 3rd year in a row and love it too. Doing level F this year as well. My sons are very STEM oriented. I was wondering why did you chose to not continue with MyTek?

    1. Hi Urszula,

      I’m so happy to hear that! ❤️

      While we loved the way MYTEK was set up and the idea behind it, we decided not to continue because:
      – the timings of the classes didn’t always work with our schedule and we mostly did the recordings of the classes
      – my son doesn’t like studying in group settings much (he doesn’t like interrupting to ask his question)
      – I felt that he would benefit from a different kind of setup where he didn’t have to worry about these aspects and just enjoy the coding

      We did MYTEK for a year and I feel it was a great introductory experience, but outside the class projects, my son wasn’t really curious about what else he could do with code. I feel that’s what was missing for us. I know a lot of kids do great with the program, though, maybe mine was just different in this aspect. He did spend time customizing the code projects he had for the class, but not much beyond that (maybe he wasn’t ready for more, I don’t know). I just didn’t feel that curiosity spark in him. It’s hard to explain.

      So I ended up looking for someone to explain things to him, one on one, in a very logical manner so that he would end up remembering the code and make him LOVE this subject because I feel it’s something that works for his STEM brain.

      That’s how we ended up getting a private tutor for IT (from India). Because it’s only him and he has the undivided attention of a teacher, he is more relaxed and willing to ask questions. I also love that she explains what each command does before asking him to try and figure out how to use it. She is adjusting everything to his level and challenges him just enough that he needs to think more about it. That’s what we needed, and I know it’s impossible for MYTEK to offer that in a group setting because each class would take forever! So it’s really not fair to compare private tutoring with online programs.

      He is now “thinking” code (if that makes sense). I think MYTEK did a great job at opening his eyes to some things he can achieve with code, but nothing really compares to 1 on 1 tutoring. That works best for him and that’s one of the reasons we homeschool.

      You can definitely try MYTEK out and see how it goes because it’s one of the best coding programs I’ve found so far.

      [He’s taking the UDEMY class independently just because he likes robotics, but even there I feel he would flourish more with 1 on 1 instruction. For now, that class did enough to get him started.]

      I hope our experience helps!

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