Atomic Models Unit Study


– 13 pages
– evolution of the atomic model poster
– fact cards
– from Democritus to quantum mechanical model
– drawings of each model
– worksheets
– matching cards with the proponents of each model and the models they made.
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This 13-page atomic models unit study is perfect for students looking to deepen their understanding of the history and evolution of atomic models, from the ancient Greek philosopher Democritus to the modern quantum mechanical model.

My unit study includes a beautifully designed poster that illustrates the atomic model’s evolution and informative fact cards that provide essential background knowledge on each model. The study also features drawings of each model, allowing students to visualize the evolution of each and understand how they fit together.

To reinforce learning, the unit study offers engaging worksheets and matching cards that challenge students to identify the proponents of each model and the models they created.


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