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  • Biochemistry printable amino acid cards

    Amino Acid Cards – Biochemistry


    These cards are designed to provide a comprehensive, hands-on and engaging way to learn about 21 different amino acids.

    Each card is printable and consists of several parts:

    • a full-color molecular representation of the amino acid
    • the name of the amino acid
    • a fact sheet
    • stick and ball model
    • formula
    • category

    I designed these cards, especially for Biochemistry Literacy for Kids.

  • Sale! Arctic Animals Unit Study Printable Prek-KArctic Animals Unit Study - PreK-KArctic Animals Unit Study - PreK-K

    Arctic Animals Unit Study – PreK-K


    Discover the Arctic with Our Engaging Printable for PreK-K

    • Comprehensive Learning: Dive into a 60-page, full-color adventure featuring science, literacy, and vocabulary activities that ignite curiosity and exploration in young learners.
    • Vibrant Visuals: Engage with visually stunning materials that immerse children in the icy landscapes of the Arctic and its captivating inhabitants.
    • Science and Exploration: Unleash a passion for science through lessons on animal adaptations, parts, and tracks, all while discovering the Arctic’s unique environment.
    • Literacy Excellence: Boost vocabulary and language skills with Arctic-themed books, vocabulary practice, and a robust foundation in letters using our Arctic Words Alphabet Poster.
    • Interactive Games: Learning becomes play with memory games, shadow matching, and animal tracks. Concepts come to life through fun engagement.
    • Fascinating Facts: Unlock the secrets of Arctic animals with our Informational Cards, providing intriguing insights into their extraordinary lives.
    • Decorate Your Space: Transform your learning environment with captivating Arctic-themed posters, immersing you in the Arctic’s beauty.
  • Atomic Models unit study

    Atomic Models Unit Study

    – 13 pages
    – evolution of the atomic model poster
    – fact cards
    – from Democritus to quantum mechanical model
    – drawings of each model
    – worksheets
    – matching cards with the proponents of each model and the models they made.
  • Lab Notebook Printable- Customizable notebook | Scientific Method | Lab Sheets


    This is a customizable Lab Notebook, from the cover to the pages you want to incluse. Just print as many lab sheets as you need to create your own lab notebook:

    • full color
    • scientific method poster
    • 2 scientific method sheets
    • 2 types of lab reports: simplified and advanced
    • 5 types of lab sheets: lined, blank, blank with border, graph paper, graph sheet
    • 2 covers
    • can be easily personalized and turned into a full notebook -just add whatever sheets interest you.
  • Sale! Winter Preschool printable BundlePreschool Winter Printables: Science, Literacy, Fine Motor Skills PackPreschool Winter Printables: Science, Literacy, Fine Motor Skills Pack

    Preschool Winter Printables: Science, Literacy, Fine Motor Skills Pack


    Embark on a winter learning adventure with the Preschool Winter: Science and Literacy Pack!

    This digital pack, overflowing with over 200 pages of activities, includes:

    • Arctic Animals Unit Study
    • Christmas Alphabet Tracing
    • ‘I Know My Colors’ activities
    • Winter Fine Motor Skills Printables.


    • Total Page Count: Over 200 pages, providing a comprehensive range of activities.
    • Engaging Design: Each activity is visually appealing, designed to keep young learners engaged and interested. Monkey and Mom resources are personally created. I don’t outsource or buy PLR designs. I create my own. So you can rest assured I do my best to maintain the same quality and feel throughout.
    • Format: High-quality PDF format for easy and convenient printing.
    • Page Format: All materials formatted on A4 (8.3 x 11.7 inches), suitable for home or professional printing.
    • Color Options: Full color.
    • Delivery: Delivered directly to your email upon purchase. If it doesn’t arrive, please contact us at
  • Sale! Pumpkin Printable Learning Pack by monkeyandmomPumpkin Printable Learning Pack K-8 (Science and Literacy)Pumpkin Printable Learning Pack K-8 (Science and Literacy)

    Pumpkin Printable Learning Pack K-8 (Science and Literacy)


    Explore the Pumpkin Learning Pack, a comprehensive resource blending Pumpkin Language Arts and Pumpkin Science for students from kindergarten to middle school. Featuring over 120 pages, this pack offers:

    • Informative Read-Aloud Booklets
    • Nonfiction Readers
    • Colorful Posters
    • Detailed Life Cycle Study
    • Engaging Pumpkin Experiments
    • Anatomy Exploration
    • Pumpkin Variety Insights
    • Vocabulary Cards
    • Handwriting and Fine Motor Skill Practice
    • Playdough Mats
    • Letter P Proficiency
    • Cursive Tracing in D’Nealian
    • Delectable Pumpkin Recipes
    • Artistic Coloring Pages
    • Captivating Science Reader

    Adapt this pack for various educational needs and levels, making it ideal for parents and teachers. Encourage exploration and curiosity while boosting literacy and science skills in a hands-on manner. Yearly updates guarantee enhanced learning experiences. Unlock the joy of education with the Pumpkin Learning Pack! 🎃🌟

  • Science Word Search Puzzle for middle school

    Science Word Search Puzzle


    This 13-page Science Word Search Puzzle is packed with nine puzzles that are challenging, engaging, and perfect for both beginners and advanced learners.  Science Word Search Puzzle offer a fun and exciting way to reinforce scientific concepts and terminology.