Prek 12 Homeschool Printables

Discover our comprehensive range of PreK 12 homeschool printables, each category meticulously designed to align with the educational needs of every grade level. From the foundational learning of preschool to the advanced challenges of high school, our resources span the full spectrum of homeschooling needs.

  • Preschool Printables: Engage your littlest learners with fun and foundational activities.
  • Elementary Printables: Explore a variety of subjects with our enriching elementary resources.
  • Middle School Printables: Dive into deeper learning with materials crafted for middle school minds.
  • High School Printables: Prepare for higher education with our advanced high school resources.

Each set of printables is tailored to encourage and support learning, ensuring your child’s homeschool journey is both enjoyable and effective from PreK through 12th grade.

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  • Sale! Number Tracing Worksheets PDF- Spring Edition Number tracing to 10- preschoolNumber Tracing Worksheets PDF - My First Number Workbook Spring Edition - Numbers to 10Number Tracing Worksheets PDF - My First Number Workbook Spring Edition - Numbers to 10

    Number Tracing Worksheets PDF – My First Number Workbook Spring Edition – Numbers to 10

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    This number tracing worksheets PDF,  My First Numbers Workbook- Spring Edition, is the perfect tool for your preschooler to master the basics of numbers in a fun and engaging way. This digital workbook is filled with activities designed to introduce young learners to the world of numbers and counting.

    What’s Inside Our Number Tracing Worksheets PDF?

    • Number tracing exercises for 1 to 10 to enhance fine motor skills and number recognition- spring-themed!
    • Cutting, pasting, and coloring for fine motor skills.
    • Interactive counting activities to build foundational math understanding.
    • Colorful spring-themed illustrations that make number learning enjoyable.
    • Visual exercises for easy number recognition, including the ten-frame grid.
    • Number pattern activities to kickstart early math skills.
    • A total of 70+ vibrant, full-color pages.

    Product Details:

    • Format: Digital PDF (No physical files will be shipped).
    • Page Size: Standard Letterhead (8.5 x 11 inches).
    • Total Pages: Over 70 pages of fun and learning.
    • Delivery Method: Directly to your email for easy access.
  • Sale! Pencil Practice Worksheets PreKPencil Practice Worksheets Printable - PreKPencil Practice Worksheets Printable - PreK

    Pencil Practice Worksheets Printable – PreK

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    Get Ready for Writing Success with Pencil Practice for PreK!

    • Engaging Practice: 20 pages of creative pencil exercises.
    • Storytime Tracing: Every stroke comes with a delightful backstory for imaginative learning.
    • Inspiring Illustrations: Cute and whimsical drawings spark creativity.
    • Fine Motor Skills: Develop precise handwriting skills from an early age.

    Unlock Creative Learning:

    • PreK Readiness: Prepare for academic success with a strong foundation in letters and numbers.
  • Sale! Winter Preschool printable BundlePreschool Winter Printables: Science, Literacy, Fine Motor Skills PackPreschool Winter Printables: Science, Literacy, Fine Motor Skills Pack

    Preschool Winter Printables: Science, Literacy, Fine Motor Skills Pack

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    Embark on a winter learning adventure with the Preschool Winter: Science and Literacy Pack!

    This digital pack, overflowing with over 200 pages of activities, includes:

    • Arctic Animals Unit Study
    • Christmas Alphabet Tracing
    • ‘I Know My Colors’ activities
    • Winter Fine Motor Skills Printables.


    • Total Page Count: Over 200 pages, providing a comprehensive range of activities.
    • Engaging Design: Each activity is visually appealing, designed to keep young learners engaged and interested. Monkey and Mom resources are personally created. I don’t outsource or buy PLR designs. I create my own. So you can rest assured I do my best to maintain the same quality and feel throughout.
    • Format: High-quality PDF format for easy and convenient printing.
    • Page Format: All materials formatted on A4 (8.3 x 11.7 inches), suitable for home or professional printing.
    • Color Options: Full color.
    • Delivery: Delivered directly to your email upon purchase. If it doesn’t arrive, please contact us at
  • Sale! Pumpkin Printable Learning Pack by monkeyandmomPumpkin Printable Learning Pack K-8 (Science and Literacy)Pumpkin Printable Learning Pack K-8 (Science and Literacy)

    Pumpkin Printable Learning Pack K-8 (Science and Literacy)

    Original price was: $30.00.Current price is: $17.50.

    Explore the Pumpkin Learning Pack, a comprehensive resource blending Pumpkin Language Arts and Pumpkin Science for students from kindergarten to middle school. Featuring over 120 pages, this pack offers:

    • Informative Read-Aloud Booklets
    • Nonfiction Readers
    • Colorful Posters
    • Detailed Life Cycle Study
    • Engaging Pumpkin Experiments
    • Anatomy Exploration
    • Pumpkin Variety Insights
    • Vocabulary Cards
    • Handwriting and Fine Motor Skill Practice
    • Playdough Mats
    • Letter P Proficiency
    • Cursive Tracing in D’Nealian
    • Delectable Pumpkin Recipes
    • Artistic Coloring Pages
    • Captivating Science Reader

    Adapt this pack for various educational needs and levels, making it ideal for parents and teachers. Encourage exploration and curiosity while boosting literacy and science skills in a hands-on manner. Yearly updates guarantee enhanced learning experiences. Unlock the joy of education with the Pumpkin Learning Pack! 🎃🌟

  • Science Word Search Puzzle for middle school

    Science Word Search Puzzle


    This 13-page Science Word Search Puzzle is packed with nine puzzles that are challenging, engaging, and perfect for both beginners and advanced learners.  Science Word Search Puzzle offer a fun and exciting way to reinforce scientific concepts and terminology.

  • Desk Planner Printable for Kids-Summer edition

    Summer Desk Planner for Kids – Printable


    Introducing my Summer Desk Planner for Kids!

    • Specially designed to keep your little ones engaged and organized throughout the sunny season.
    • Includes some ideas for summer activities or you can add your own!
    • Get inspired by our blog posts on Fun Homeschool Summer Activities or Academic Homeschool over the Summer lists of ideas.
    • 2 types of journaling pages (lined or blank) allow kids to jot down memorable moments and creative thoughts, perfect for writing or artistic expressions. They can even use them for summer book reports!
    • Print it as many times as you like and watch your kids’ summer days unfold with joy and creativity.
    • Place it on their desk or hang it on the wall for easy access.
    • Print on larger paper sizes to keep it constantly within sight, ensuring a well-organized and enjoyable summer!
  • book report template pdfThe Ultimate Book Report Template PDF  and Master GuideThe Ultimate Book Report Template PDF  and Master Guide

    The Ultimate Book Report Template PDF and Master Guide


    Help your teen write book reports with The Ultimate Book Report Template and Master Guide – a 111-page, full-color, digital PDF guide for grades 7-10.

    Aside from the book report template, you will also get:

    • Examples of various book reports: fiction, nonfiction, and biography.
    • Guides for literary analysis and presentation.
    • Tips for efficient planning and writing.
    • Rubrics for grading.

    Do you want a physical version? You can buy it from Amazon:

    Want to read more about Book Reports During Junior High and Why They Are Important

    Delivered directly to your email for quick access. Reach out to if you have any issues!

  • Sale! Valentine's Day Unit Study - Eros and PsycheValentine's Day Unit Study - Greek Mythology Study and Writing PackValentine's Day Unit Study - Greek Mythology Study and Writing Pack

    Valentine’s Day Unit Study – Greek Mythology Study and Writing Pack

    Original price was: $9.89.Current price is: $8.22.

    This Valentine’s Day Unit Study focuses on the classic myth of Cupid and Psyche and the history of Valentine’s Day. It offers a range of engaging activities to help your middle and high school students improve their reading comprehension, writing skills, and creativity.


    This myth unit study covers over 40 pages of content, including:

    Comprehensive texts and information on:

    • Valentine’s Day History
    • Story of Cupid
    • What is a myth?
    • Parts of a Myth
    • Psyche and Eros (Cupid) – retold for MS
    • The Story of Cupid and Psyche – for HS
    • Diary/ Journal Entry
    • Diary/ Journal Entry – fictional entry
    • Letter
    • Persuasive Letter
    • Fictional Account
    • Dialogue

    Templates and worksheets for:

    • Comprehension questions on the texts provided
    • Vocabulary
    • Writing Prompts
    • Printable templates: diary, letters, writing papers (lined and blank)
    • Printable Covers for kids’ own stories based on the prompts


    • Middle School
    • High School


    • full color pages
    • A4 format
    • 57 pages
    • PDF file
    • immediate access

    NOTE: This is a digital download; you won’t receive any physical product. Due to the nature of the digital downloads, there are no refunds, but if you have any problem with the file please let me know and I will help you out.

  • Sale! Valentines-Day-Unit-Study-Writing-a-Letter-printableValentine's Day Writing Letters and Cards PrintableValentine's Day Writing Letters and Cards Printable

    Valentine’s Day Writing Letters and Cards Printable

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    Are you searching for a creative and educational way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids or students? Look no further! Our Valentine’s Day Writing Letters and Cards Printable is here to spark imagination and foster writing skills in a fun and colorful way.

    Perfect for young learners and budding writers, this 40-page pack is filled with everything needed to master the art of letter writing. Whether it’s a friendly note to a classmate or a heartfelt message to a family member, this printable pack makes it easy and enjoyable.

    What’s Included:

    • Clear instructions on the parts of a friendly letter.
    • Engaging examples of friendly and love letters to inspire young minds.
    • Step-by-step guides on how to write thoughtful letters and cards.
    • A wide variety of templates for letters and cards, ready to be filled with personal messages.
    • Colorful and engaging designs that make writing even more exciting.
    • Format: Letterhead

    Good to Know:

    • This is a digital product available in PDF format. No physical items will be sent to you.
    • After your purchase, the printable will be emailed to you. If you encounter any issues or do not receive your printable, please contact us at


  • Desk Planner Printable for Kids

    Whimsical Houses Weekly Desk Planner for Kids – Printable


    This printable desk planner for kids is great for introducing executive functioning skills because it adds a visual overview of their week.

    • Transform your child’s desk into an organized wonderland with this enchanting planner featuring a colorful houses design.
    • The delightful design sparks imagination and makes planning enjoyable for kids.
    • Effortlessly stay on top of assignments, extracurricular activities, and important events with the easy-to-use 36-week tracker.
    • Printable note pages and weekly schedule sheets help kids manage their time effectively and develop organizational skills.
    • Print it as many times as needed, making it a permanent fixture on their desk to serve as a constant reminder of weekly tasks and goals.
    • Keep it on kids’ desks by printing on larger paper sizes, ensuring it’s always within sight and use.
  • Winter preschool - fine motor skills printableWinter - Fine Motor Skills Printable - PreschoolWinter - Fine Motor Skills Printable - Preschool

    Winter – Fine Motor Skills Printable – Preschool


    Winter – Fine Motor Skills Printable (40+ pages)

    • Keep little hands engaged during chilly winter days with our versatile 40+ page printable.
    • Develop essential fine motor skills in children with tracing, connecting dots, and cutting activities.
    • Encourage creativity as children color, paint, or decorate enchanting winter scenes.
    • Customize the activities to your child’s preferences, whether it’s stickers, watercolors, or 3D elements.
    • Reusable playdough mats provide hours of learning and fun, making it a versatile resource.
    • Invest in your child’s growth and enjoyment with this must-have winter-themed printable.
  • Sale!

    Wizards and Magic: 10 Word Problems- Decimals

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    Discover the enchantment of decimals with our Wizards and Magic: 10 Word Problems- Decimals PDF, specially crafted for 7th graders. This magical educational resource includes:

    • 10 engaging decimal word problems, themed around potion-making in the world of Hogwarts.
    • A delightful blend of math and magic, showing that decimals are more fun when making potions.
    • 10 beautifully designed, full-color pages, bringing the charm of Hogwarts to each problem.
    • PDF format, perfect for digital use – no physical files shipped.
    • Formatted for Letterhead size (8.5 x 11 inches) printing.
    • Delivered via email for convenience. Contact for support.