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  • Sale! computer technology for kids printableComputer Technology for Kids - Printable HandbookComputer Technology for Kids - Printable Handbook

    Computer Technology for Kids – Printable Handbook


    The Computer Technology for Kids – Printable Handbook is a valuable 18-page PDF resource for homeschool parents. It’s a great starting point to explore the multitude of valuable websites out there when teaching kids about tech. It includes:

    • 3 checklists of computer skills for each education level: elementary, middle, and high school.
    • A curated list of 36 (mostly free) websites, along with brief descriptions, to help kids develop computer literacy skills. Topics range from basic computer use to advanced programming, robotics, and web design.

    This handbook empowers parents to educate their children about computers and technology, emphasizing skills like problem-solving, creativity, and collaboration. The clickable links within the PDF provide easy access to these educational resources. However, parents should verify each link and resource to ensure alignment with their values and requirements.

  • Fruit Alphabet Tracing Worksheet Bundle- Fruit bilingual printableFruit Alphabet Tracing Worksheet Bundle - From Apple to Zapote: Fruit ABCs Around the World CopyFruit Alphabet Tracing Worksheet Bundle - From Apple to Zapote: Fruit ABCs Around the World Copy

    Fruit Alphabet Tracing Worksheet Bundle – From Apple to Zapote: Fruit ABCs Around the World Copy


    Dive into the colorful world of fruits with From Apple to Zapote: Fruit ABCs Around the World, fruit alphabet tracing worksheet bundle! This vibrant, 95-page digital PDF brings the alphabet to life through the fascinating world of fruits, from the familiar to the exotic. Perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners, this educational resource is designed to spark curiosity and encourage learning in a fun, engaging way.

    What’s Inside:

    • A-Z Fruit Alphabet: Discover fruits for every letter, all beautifully illustrated in full color with botanical watercolor art.
    • Multilingual Fruit Name Cards: Each fruit comes with its name in English, Spanish, French, and German, perfect for early language exposure.
    • Alphabet Cards: Reinforce letter recognition with a separate card for each letter of the alphabet.
    • Fruit Name Cards: Dive deeper into each fruit with dedicated cards.
    • Fruit Alphabet Tracing Worksheets (2 per letter): Develop writing skills with uppercase, lowercase, and combination tracing pages, plus fruit name tracing for hands-on learning.
    • Fruit Fact Sheets: Packed with scientific names, nutritional benefits, fun facts, and more to make learning about fruits interesting.
    • Bonus Poster: A special addition of the Fruit Alphabet in English to decorate and learn.
    • Implementation Ideas: Take this printable further and enrich it with the suggested activities around fruits.

    Key Details:

    • Number of Pages: 95
    • Size: Letterhead, ensuring each page is spacious and easy to interact with.
    • Design: Each page boasts full-color, botanical watercolor illustrations that are both educational and aesthetically pleasing.
    • Format: This is a PDF, digital product. No physical files will be shipped, making it an eco-friendly and instantly accessible resource.

    Delivery Information:

    Your digital product will be delivered directly to your email, ensuring you can start exploring the world of fruits right away. If you do not receive your “From Apple to Zapote: Fruit ABCs Around the World” PDF, please reach out to us at hello@monkeyandmom.com, and we’ll make sure it gets to you.

    Embark on a fruity journey with your little one with our fruit alphabet tracing worksheet bundle From Apple to Zapote: Fruit ABCs Around the World. It’s not just an educational tool; it’s a doorway to a world of learning and fun. Get your copy today and start exploring the delicious diversity of fruits from around the globe!

  • Winter preschool - fine motor skills printableWinter - Fine Motor Skills Printable - PreschoolWinter - Fine Motor Skills Printable - Preschool

    Winter – Fine Motor Skills Printable – Preschool


    Winter – Fine Motor Skills Printable (40+ pages)

    • Keep little hands engaged during chilly winter days with our versatile 40+ page printable.
    • Develop essential fine motor skills in children with tracing, connecting dots, and cutting activities.
    • Encourage creativity as children color, paint, or decorate enchanting winter scenes.
    • Customize the activities to your child’s preferences, whether it’s stickers, watercolors, or 3D elements.
    • Reusable playdough mats provide hours of learning and fun, making it a versatile resource.
    • Invest in your child’s growth and enjoyment with this must-have winter-themed printable.