Elementary Printables

Browse our range of homeschool elementary printables, crafted to support and enrich the learning journey of elementary-aged students in grades k to 5.

These resources cover a wide array of subjects, offering engaging and educational content that aligns with elementary curriculum standards.

Whether for reinforcing classroom learning or for homeschooling, our printables are a valuable tool for young learners.

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  • Desk Planner Printable for Kids

    Whimsical Houses Weekly Desk Planner for Kids – Printable


    This printable desk planner for kids is great for introducing executive functioning skills because it adds a visual overview of their week.

    • Transform your child’s desk into an organized wonderland with this enchanting planner featuring a colorful houses design.
    • The delightful design sparks imagination and makes planning enjoyable for kids.
    • Effortlessly stay on top of assignments, extracurricular activities, and important events with the easy-to-use 36-week tracker.
    • Printable note pages and weekly schedule sheets help kids manage their time effectively and develop organizational skills.
    • Print it as many times as needed, making it a permanent fixture on their desk to serve as a constant reminder of weekly tasks and goals.
    • Keep it on kids’ desks by printing on larger paper sizes, ensuring it’s always within sight and use.
  • Winter preschool - fine motor skills printableWinter - Fine Motor Skills Printable - PreschoolWinter - Fine Motor Skills Printable - Preschool

    Winter – Fine Motor Skills Printable – Preschool


    Winter – Fine Motor Skills Printable (40+ pages)

    • Keep little hands engaged during chilly winter days with our versatile 40+ page printable.
    • Develop essential fine motor skills in children with tracing, connecting dots, and cutting activities.
    • Encourage creativity as children color, paint, or decorate enchanting winter scenes.
    • Customize the activities to your child’s preferences, whether it’s stickers, watercolors, or 3D elements.
    • Reusable playdough mats provide hours of learning and fun, making it a versatile resource.
    • Invest in your child’s growth and enjoyment with this must-have winter-themed printable.