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As a homeschool mom, I understand the importance of flexibility and adaptability. I believe the materials we’re using should fit into these categories, that’s why my homeschool products are created with attention to detail and a lot of care. You can test out the quality of my work by downloading my free printables.

All my physical items will be delivered through Amazon, so they are available worldwide.

*As an Amazon Associate I might earn from qualifying purchases. Please read my Affiliate Disclosure for more details.

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  • 2023 monthly planner watecolor flowers free

    2023 Monthly Planner – Watercolor Flowers {FREEBIE}


    A complete monthly planner for 2023!

    This planner has pages for:

    • birthday logs
    • password logs
    • holidays for 2023 and 2024
    • calendar for 2023 and 2024

    It features beautiful full-color pages of watercolor flowers and quotes for every monthly spread.

  • Animal alphabet tracingalphabet tracing for preK

    Alphabet Tracing Workbook & Coloring – Animals (preK-K)


    Perfect companion for young children to develop literacy skills:
    – tracing the alphabet in manuscript
    – upper and lowercase letters
    – preK-K
    – black and white interior
    – pdf format
    – 52 pages
    – tips on how to develop a love for reading and writing
    – coloring animals on each page that coordinate with the letter chosen
    – tracing animal names included on every page

  • Biochemistry printable amino acid cards

    Amino Acid Cards – Biochemistry

    Original Price : $5.00

    These cards are designed to provide a comprehensive, hands-on and engaging way to learn about 21 different amino acids.

    Each card is printable and consists of several parts:

    • a full-color molecular representation of the amino acid
    • the name of the amino acid
    • a fact sheet
    • stick and ball model
    • formula
    • category

    I designed these cards, especially for Biochemistry Literacy for Kids.

  • Atomic Models unit study

    Atomic Models Unit Study

    Original Price : $5.00
    – 13 pages
    – evolution of the atomic model poster
    – fact cards
    – from Democritus to quantum mechanical model
    – drawings of each model
    – worksheets
    – matching cards with the proponents of each model and the models they made.
  • Cornell Notes template printable

    Cornell Notes Template and Examples

    Original Price : $0.00

    Ahis set of templates to help your child stay organized and focused while taking notes. With over 10 templates to choose from, including lined, graph paper, dotted, or blank, your child can customize their note-taking experience to fit their preferences.

    • color and black and white options
    • full instructions
    • examples
    • various paper types: dotted, lined, graph, blank


  • 8 steps to powerful studying binder cover

    Cover for 8 Steps to Powerful Studying {FREEBIE}


    My cover design printable is specifically designed to complement the 8 Steps to Powerful Studying Program, and it’s a great addition to your course binder.

  • Figures of speech sample

    Figurative Language – Figures of Speech {SAMPLE}


    This 42 page sample of Figurative Language Pack includes a full preview of the Simile, Metaphor, and Personification sections, as well as a fact sheet and limited worksheet preview of the Analogy. Plus, a fact sheet on Hyperbole, Proverb, and Palindrome.

  • Reduceri! Myth unit study valentine's day cupid and psyche printableMyth unit study valentine's day cupid and psyche printable

    Myth Unit Study – The Myth of Cupid and Psyche


    This myth unit study covers over 40 pages of content, including templates for writing a persuasive letter, journal entry, fictional account, and dialogue, this study is the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and develop your students’ writing skills at the same time.


  • Record Keeping printable for homeschoolers

    Record Keeping Pages – Homeschooling {FREEBIE}


    Free record-keeping pages to use in your homeschool.

    You will get:

    • Attendance tracker with the year starting in January
    • Attendance tracker with the year starting in August
    • Blank attendance tracker
    • Grade tracker
  • Science Word Search Puzzle for middle school

    Science Word Search Puzzle

    Original Price : $0.00

    This 13-page Science Word Search Puzzle is packed with nine puzzles that are challenging, engaging, and perfect for both beginners and advanced learners.  Science Word Search Puzzle offer a fun and exciting way to reinforce scientific concepts and terminology.